Discover Some Tips for Living With Diabetes

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No one wants diabetes, whether it’s Type I or Type II. If you have diabetes, you have our sympathy. It is possible to manage this type of health issue with proper diet, medication and/or injections. Everyone is different and your family physician will be able to recommend the right medications and/or injections, if they are needed.

In the case of Type II diabetes, injections of insulin are sometimes unnecessary and some people are able to reverse unwanted symptoms of Type II diabetes just by changing their diets and lifestyles. This is great news. While diabetes isn’t curable, it’s certainly treatable. Knowing the right tips for living with diabetes will be a great way to empower yourself and enjoy better health.

Tips for Type I Diabetes Sufferers

Living with diabetes requires willpower, planning and a commitment to making the right choices, day in and day out. If you have Type I diabetes, you should value glucose readings and use such readings in order to track your health. Consider your meter for glucose to be a compass which helps you to navigate in the right direction. When you test a lot, you’ll have a better chance of controlling your symptoms and feeling good.

As well as frequent glucose readings, you should rely on exercise in order to stave off health risks which are associated with Type I diabetes, such as depression and heart disease. Exercise is also able to decrease blood glucose levels. Even 5 minutes of exercise may offer dramatic improvements to blood sugar levels. To make things more fun, why not buy a FitBit and use it to track your physical activity?

Tips for Type II Diabetes Sufferers

A clean diet is essential and paying a lot of attention to eating properly will help you so much! It’s best to limit carbs as eating too many of them will wreak havoc with your blood sugar levels. To make the right choices, choose foods which rank low on the glycemic index. You’ll find this helpful index online. All carbs are not the same and choosing the ones which are low on this index will positively impact your health.

As well, you’ll benefit from staying away from beverages which contain a lot of sugar and carbs. The exception is when you’re suffering from hypoglycemia! When you avoid sugary sodas and big quantities of fruit juice, you’ll generally feel much better.

One last tip is to make sure that your plates of food feature fifty percent veggies or salad. While you may need to adjust to having less carbs on your plate, your body will thank you. It’s possible to make huge improvements in Type II diabetes symptoms just by paying careful attention to diet and part of that is portion control. Eating more salad and veggies will be hugely beneficial!

Try Our Lifestyle Tips Today

You deserve to feel great. While you may always have days when your Type I or Type II diabetes gets you down, you should be able to make lifestyle adjustments which make those bad day a rarity! So, why not use our tips today?


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